Innovative technologies for marking, detection and sorting

From development to industrial implementation - science-based and thought through

Our technology platform is based on innovative fluorescent materials, glass-ceramic markers and organic macromolecules as well as detection and sorting technology – from small detectors to large sorting machines. Cutting-edge technology results in concrete applications for companies, markets and the world. We always strive to create efficient and practicable solutions – whether it's for plagiarism protection, product passports, material tracking or precise sorting. This is how we continuously expand our technology platform and our patent portfolio.


Versatile Applications

Different materials: Examples at a glance

Glaskeramische Marker


Patented Technology Platform

Over the years, we have been able to build up and secure around 30 patent families in different countries. With our modern laboratory infrastructure, we further develop our marker materials ourselves and together with contractually bound research partners. We hold exclusive long-term licenses for the patents and processes developed in these research partnerships. In this way, we are always at the cutting edge of research and constantly optimize existing solutions, including in numerous funded projects.


Partners & Projects

Strong Team with Strong Partners

Our interdisciplinary team has been complemented by an advisory board with high-ranking representatives
from research, business and politics

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