Diversity and efficiency
Minimum marker quantities - maximum possibilities
POLYSECURE Design Element

Polysecure Identify. Sort. Optimize.

We have developed a unique technology platform consisting of marker materials and detection methods, on the basis of which products can be directly marked, practicably authenticated and tracked in a counterfeit-proof manner. From this platform, we have also developed the revolutionary Tracer-Based-Sorting (TBS) technology. It allows packaging waste to be sorted into all desirable fractions in a highly efficient and reliable manner. Our technology journey has just begun: How can we optimize your product strategy?


Polysecure does excellent work - that's at least what independent committees and institutes think. For example, we have won the Step Award in 2015 and the StartGreen Award in 2017. Most recently, in October 2019, we took first place in the 19th Environment and Health prize of the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts and the SIGNAL IDUNA insurance company. This prize has been awarding innovations in the fields of environment and health nationwide since the 1980s.

Polysecure in the press

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