Innovative marking of the recycling path right from the start

Invisible marking separates fractions that cannot be distinguished externally

Tracer-Based-Sorting (TBS) is based on the use of our fluorescent particles. They are integrated into or onto the object during production and invisibly indicate how the object is to be sorted and recycled at the end. This enables reliable sorting into definable, specific fractions according to the ideal recycling path.



Sorting what could have been not sorted before

The purity of the sorted fractions is a key requirement for producing high-quality recyclates. Given the wide variety of materials, compounds and additives used in the market, this is a particular challenge. By using our tracers, materials can be reliably differentiated that cannot be distinguished by conventional sorting methods. The fluorescence of the tracers can be measured precisely, reliably and quickly as a "sorting code" enabling sorting into definable, relevant fractions with particularly high purity rates.


Tracer-Based-Sorting (TBS)

Benefits and success factors in a nutshell

Wide Applicability

Wide applicability to all packaging formats and many other products. The tracers can be mixed in plastics or other materials or printed on packaging items or other products.


Sorting into definable, relevant fractions

The tracers are an additional sorting property and allow sorting into definable, relevant fractions enabling the production of high-quality recyclates and closed-loops. Examples for packaging are: differentiation of food/non-food, A-PET/PETg; identification of specific multilayers, brands or applications (e.g. coffee caps).


High Reliability

Within sorting, waste items move through a laser curtain exciting the tracers to emit their fluorescent sorting code equally in any direction. Detection is practically independent from deformation, position and movement of waste items.

High Purity of sorted fractions

The sorting code detection is distinct and very independent from the properties of waste items. Therefore practically no false positives and automatic separation of non-marked impurities and non-compliant materials -> solution to achieve “Tox-Free Environment”.


High Detection Rate

Laser excitation can be tuned for reliable tracer signals. Close to 100% of marked waste items are detected correctly.


Low Tracer Amounts

Low tracer amounts are sufficient. High chemical inertness, low solubility, high temperature stability provide good biocompatibility. Polysecure tracers have passed all toxicological and other tests for food contact approval.


At a glance

Fluorescent Tracers – Properties


Principle and implementation of the sorting solution on shredded sorting material.

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