SORT4CIRCLE® Innovations enable Circular Economy

Sort waste streams completely, precisely and efficient into definable fractions

There is no alternative to the transformation to a circular economy in order to preserve climate and environment and to be able to use resources more efficiently. However, if more and better quality recyclates are to be obtained from waste in a CO2-efficient manner, then the waste streams concerned must be better presorted. Today, for example, all packaging containing mainly PE ends up in the same fraction, whether food, cosmetics, detergents, monolayer, multilayer or any other packaging class. With our sorting technology, these fractions can be efficiently, reliably and completely sorted according to relevant specifications in line with the requirements of a true circular economy. It can be applied to practically any material and product stream, e.g. packaging, automotive, white goods, textiles. SORT4CIRCLE®  ensures much more order, much more circular economy!


Efficient technology-open sorting solution

With SORT4CIRCLE® , we are opening up a new era of precision and efficiency in the sorting of valuable materials. All objects are first singulated and then detected and sorted in only one step (like letter sorting). As a result, sorting remains flexible, scalable and economical, even with numerous fractions. The detection is performed by a new combined detector that we are developing together with Carl Zeiss AG. It simultaneously measures NIR, image (AI), tracer, color, opt. digital watermark for each object and consequently works with all current and potentially future detection technologies. Thus, a truly technology-open sorting process emerges with a great future.



Sorting with new quality and efficiency


Versatile applications