Molekulare Materialauthentifizierung durch Innovation Molekulare Materialauthentifizierung durch Innovation


POLTAG® - Molecular material Authentication by Innovation

Marking technology with enormous code spectrum to analyze materials

Are you looking for a solution to store information homogeneously in solid and liquid materials and to read it from the smallest samples?  For example, you want to check raw materials, prove the origin, composition or manufacturing data of products and monitor the recylate amount as a parameter of the circular economy? With our innovative POLTAG® technology, Digital Material Passports can be anchored directly in the material. 


POLTAG® – Macromolecular material passport

Minimum concentrations, reliable results

POLTAG® is a novel and very precise technology for authentication and tracking of materials and products and can generate millions of codes in the form of sequence defined macromolecules which can be detected and sequenced with high reliability at the lowest concentrations (even in ppb) on the smallest surfaces with tandem mass spectroscopy. POLTAG® technology is very well suited for solids (polymers) and liquids. It is mechanically and thermally stable and molecularly distributed through all polymer processing methods.



Wide range of applications

This breakthrough technology is invented by Jean-Francois Lutz and his team at the CNRS Institut Charles Sadron. Our transnational research collaboration has created the technology for many application areas: A product can be traced back to its original batch and the recycled content can be monitored in a final product. Likewise, stretching and the use of wrong materials can be detected. Watch our POLTAG®  technology video for more insight about molecular product authentication and its applications.


Reliable, robust, compatible...

Added value through macromolecular marking

Solution for the material pass - material passport: POLTAG

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POLTAG® and the research behind the technology

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POLTAG® – Properties


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