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Product & Technology Award

STEP Award 2015 for products and technology of the POLYSECURE GMBH.
The Entrepreneur Award for future-oriented sectors, is an established and renowned competition to reward innovative and high-growth companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

sorting machines

New breakthrough tracer based sorting technology and sorting principle for improved recycling of plastics & composites (plastic sorting).


Application possibilities – Technical piracy protection: Tamper-proof audit originality is important - conclusive authentication. Whether the primary goal is geared to regain sales and defend intellectual property rights or deny unjustified warranty claims and liability claims.


Permanent marker solutions using fluorescence markers for rapid product authentication and validation (including composition), anti-counterfeiting, quality assurance, efficient material sorting for recycling and more.

About Polysecure – Company

Brand Protection, Protection against counterfeiting and unjustified product liability claims

The Polysecure Team.
The Polysecure Team.

Established by experienced entrepreneurs and technologists

Polysecure GmbH was founded in 2009 as a Technology company for development, production and commercialization of extensive marker-solutions for original products.

Today, ten employees work at an office, laboratory and production space of 700 square meters for Polysecure GmbH. Customers come from diverse industries: Plastics, Electrical, Sanitary, Dental, Automotive, Health, Music Instruments, and others.

Polysecure is focused on robust and multi-functional material markers, applicable in product authentication (counterfeit protection), rejection of unjustified liability claims, control of productions and formulations, material-sorting within recycling-processes and more.

Core of our technology are unique crystalline and ceramic particles. These carry three security features, detectable even at low marker-concentrations: First, a characteristical fluorescence, measurable in seconds with our mobile optical detectors. Second, a numerical product code based on the chemical code of the ceramic particles. Third, a random structural fingerprint that in principle is incopiable.

Our markers are inert, biocompatible, temperature-stable up to at least 1.600°C, for specific applications 2.500°C are reached, and tunable in size and density. They can be deployed in almost any material for livelong marking: plastics, ceramics, rubber, papers, paints, coatings, chemicals, liquids, metals, and others.

A significant aspect of our strategy is our passion for quality and customer orientation. We focus on our customers whom we offer an effective, sometimes the only practicable solution to protect their brand and their products against counterfeiting and thus safeguarding their business models.

Only two years after start-up Polysecure has received ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

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