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A new dimension of robust product markers against counterfeiting and for lifelong product authentication

Product & Technology Award

STEP Award 2015 for products and technology of the POLYSECURE GMBH.
The Entrepreneur Award for future-oriented sectors, is an established and renowned competition to reward innovative and high-growth companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

sorting machines

New breakthrough tracer based sorting technology and sorting principle for improved recycling of plastics & composites (plastic sorting).


Application possibilities – Technical piracy protection: Tamper-proof audit originality is important - conclusive authentication. Whether the primary goal is geared to regain sales and defend intellectual property rights or deny unjustified warranty claims and liability claims.


Permanent marker solutions using fluorescence markers for rapid product authentication and validation (including composition), anti-counterfeiting, quality assurance, efficient material sorting for recycling and more.

The Polysecure Markers

The markers of Polysecure consist of a powder with a particle size in the micro-/nanometer range. This powder can be homogeneously dissolved in the raw material of the original product. Furthermore, each particle has a complex composition that carries the entire information. Because of this, a small fraction of the product is sufficient to clearly identify the original product.

The marker can be introduced to the raw material during the routine production process. Various dippings make it possible to use material-typical dispersing- and mixing devices.

Core of our marker technology are unique crystalline and ceramic particles. This offer three properties that can be detected even at very low concentrations of markers:

  • First, a characteristic fluorescence, which can be measured in one second through our small optical detector (BRANDPROOF® series).
  • Second, a numeric product code that goes back to the chemical code of our ceramic particles.
  • Third, a random structural fingerprint that can not be copied in principle.

Our technology summarized – marker powders with appropriate security feature:

  • Our markers are ceramic and/or crystalline powders.
  • We can process them to be temperature stable up to at least 1.600°C, for specific applications 2.500°C are reached.
  • They can be formulated to be chemically inert, insolvable, biocompatible, eatable and mechanically very robust.
  • Therefore they can be mixed into practically all materials: plastics, rubber, paints, colors, papers, chemicals, metals, alloys, coatings, ceramics, textiles, liquids and more.
  • The marker powders are equipped with certain security features which can be detected at small marker concentrations.


Because of the very small amount needed, the marker does not influence the physical and chemical properties of the original product. A plastic for instance contains only a few ppm of marker which is clearly less than for example the amount of pigments used for coloring.

The markers are completely insoluble and nontoxic. They therefore comply with the requirements of FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and are thus applicable to medical devices and products that come into contact with drinking water and food.


The Polysecure marker system can, because of its fundamental stability and the measurability of the concentration of its components, reproduce a vast number range. In the basic system, 14 million numbers can be generated. If a higher level of security is required, the numerical code of the marker system of POLYSECURE can be expanded to 280 trillion numbers.

Authentication – the numerical code of our marker

The numerical code of our marker exists at any spot of the product and can be read out by mobile RFA (X-ray fluorescence spectrometer) in less than one minute. The product at question is an original product if the measured numerical code is the right one.

The marker has further individual characteristics which can be measured independently by other chemical and physical techniques. Insofar there are various ways to prove the originality of the marker and product – a good basis in a court case on counterfeiting, product liability or other.

Economic Efficiency

Our markers are a minor supplement to the raw material of a product, just like a colorant for instance. Usually they can be introduced to the raw material without additional production step.

Due to the fact that the detection limits for the marker are very low, we get by with only small amounts of the marker. Hence, the additional costs for the marker will be at an attractive relation to the benefits and often below the unit costs of other marking technologies.