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Sorting and sorting machines

New ways of sorting and recycling of plastics

Product & Technology Award

STEP Award 2015 for products and technology of the POLYSECURE GMBH.
The Entrepreneur Award for future-oriented sectors, is an established and renowned competition to reward innovative and high-growth companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

sorting machines

New breakthrough tracer based sorting technology and sorting principle for improved recycling of plastics & composites (plastic sorting).


Application possibilities – Technical piracy protection: Tamper-proof audit originality is important - conclusive authentication. Whether the primary goal is geared to regain sales and defend intellectual property rights or deny unjustified warranty claims and liability claims.


Permanent marker solutions using fluorescence markers for rapid product authentication and validation (including composition), anti-counterfeiting, quality assurance, efficient material sorting for recycling and more.

New breakthrough tracer based sorting technology and sorting principle for improved recycling of plastics & composites

High speed pneumatic valves in the nozzle bar of the sorting machine of POLYSECURE

POLYSECURE® has developed how materials and small particles thereof can be robustly marked with fluorescent, inert tracers and then identified in a high throughput process by distinctive properties of their fluorescence. According to their identification, the particles are sorted and separated by high speed pneumatic valves of the sorting system. The first machine of the type Fluosort is already in industrial testing.

POLYSECURE® patents cover the entire process including the marking and sorting and the use of Stokes and Anti-Stokes fluorescence.

Based on the POLYSECURE® sorting technology especially polymer products (plastic sorting), from food and non-food packaging materials to automotive parts, can be efficiently sorted and then recycled for better use of resources and thus improved sustainability for many industrial sectors.

The essential aspects of the innovative new sorting principle - called Tracer Based Sorting

  • robustly and permanent marked material with fluorescent, inert tracer substances,
  • distinctive features allow high throughput speed of the ground material and
  • the sorting machines are built individually for the customer's requirements. Furthermore
  • Polysecures manufactures both the tracers and the sorting machine in a way that they are really optimized to each other – this is crucial to achieve the necessary efficiency of such a solution.


Separation of PVC ground material

New Polysecure Marker And Sorting Technology Enables New Dimensions for Plastic Recycling And Product Authentication

For the first time, Polysecure has introduced a tracer based sorting concept into an industrial application. For this, a fluorescence marker of Polysecure is homogeneously mixed into large amounts of a specific polymer compound. Post production and consumer waste of this specific compound are then separated from the large stream of all compounds of this application by our new sorting machine. The sorting process features high throughput and sorting quality. Polysecure holds significant patents for the new technology.

The new technology can solve many unsolved challenges in sorting & recycling

The new technology can solve many unsolved challenges in sorting & recycling, for example the high speed sorting of plastic packaging materials. In particular and for the first time, material flakes can be sorted independent of their chemical composition and physical properties. Based on the new sorting technology, truly closed material cycles in the sense of a circular economy can be set up. Furthermore, the collection of plastic waste could be financially rewarded. This would be an important step forward to reduce the environmental loads of plastic waste in the nature, especially looking at the threatening levels of marine littering.

Another benefit of the new marker technology is that the same material maker can be used for both sorting and anti-counterfeiting. Original manufacturer now can better solve two of the major challenges in today’s global economy.