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Product & Technology Award

STEP Award 2015 for products and technology of the POLYSECURE GMBH.
The Entrepreneur Award for future-oriented sectors, is an established and renowned competition to reward innovative and high-growth companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

sorting machines

New breakthrough tracer based sorting technology and sorting principle for improved recycling of plastics & composites (plastic sorting).


Application possibilities – Technical piracy protection: Tamper-proof audit originality is important - conclusive authentication. Whether the primary goal is geared to regain sales and defend intellectual property rights or deny unjustified warranty claims and liability claims.


Permanent marker solutions using fluorescence markers for rapid product authentication and validation (including composition), anti-counterfeiting, quality assurance, efficient material sorting for recycling and more.

Industries & Industry Applications – Counterfeit Protection & Sorting Machines

We make your products and materials unique – protected against plagiarism & ready for sorting and recycling

Always application- and customer-oriented – always efficient

Counterfeit protection & sorting machines, the two divisions of POLYSECURE GmbH – Material Marker Technology for a variety of industries and industrial applications.

We have the right solution for each of your product marking and anti-counterfeiting tasks. Because of our modular technology range, we are always the right partner for you.

No matter what industry sector you are involved in, what materials you work with, or what parts you want to manufacture. We have exactly the technologies for marking you need: Individual and efficiently coordinated and tailored to your requirements.

Complete Marker Solutions and Detectors for secure Product Authentication

Complete Marker Solutions and Detectors for Product Authentication

Core of Polysecure’s marker technology are crystalline and / or ceramic powders which are equipped with certain security features: One of these dynamic characteristics, which can be proven by our small optical detectors (BRANDPROOF® series), allows authentication of your products easily in the field, at the point of sale, realized in a sorting or installed in a machine.

Sustainable plastics recycling: Sorting of PVC ground material

Polysecure is probably the leading technology provider who has experience in rolling out an industrial Tracer Based Sorting concept on a commercial scale enabling a true circular material flow and a sustainable plastics recycling. In a first niche market, tons of polymer material have been marked with our solution only in 2015.

Marker solutions for plastics, rubber and colors

Marker solutions for plastics, rubber and colors

For plastics, rubber, colors and more, we offer optimized marker powders, which we normally extrude into master batches to achieve a superior dispersion and homogenization in the target material. The marker master batches then become a recipe component of the marked product and are easily integrated into a production process.

Marker solutions for medical and pharmaceutical products

Marker solutions for medical and pharmaceutical products

In order to increase the biocompatibility of our markers, we can formulate them as inert, insolvable ceramic particles. These patented formulations are ideal to mark medical devices, pharmaceuticals, food and other products.

Marker solutions for metal products

Marker solutions for metal products

With our marker drop technology, we have developed and patented a practical and economic marker solution for metal products and parts. Marker drops can be integrated into the production, but can also be applied to products in use. They contain our complete material markers and are injected as robust, temperature stable, self-hardening adhesives into specifically drilled holes.

Marker solutions for textiles and natural fibers.

Marker solutions for textiles and natural fibers.

We have developed specific marker master batches which can be extruded into synthetic filaments. Likewise our markers are introduced into threads and textile tissues where they are detected without problems. For natural fibers, we offer specific marker solutions which are stable and biocompatible.

Example of a successful industry solution – Louis Renner GmbH

parts for the interiors of pianos

Louis Renner GmbH

The german supplier Louis Renner GmbH, who produces parts for the interiors of pianos made by renowned manufacturers such as Steinway, Bechstein, Bösendorfer and Schimmel, trusts to the product label solutions of the Polysecure GmbH since many years.

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