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Applicable with numerous raw materials

Lifelong product marking & conclusive authentication

Product & Technology Award

STEP Award 2015 for products and technology of the POLYSECURE GMBH.
The Entrepreneur Award for future-oriented sectors, is an established and renowned competition to reward innovative and high-growth companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

sorting machines

New breakthrough tracer based sorting technology and sorting principle for improved recycling of plastics & composites (plastic sorting).


Application possibilities – Technical piracy protection: Tamper-proof audit originality is important - conclusive authentication. Whether the primary goal is geared to regain sales and defend intellectual property rights or deny unjustified warranty claims and liability claims.


Permanent marker solutions using fluorescence markers for rapid product authentication and validation (including composition), anti-counterfeiting, quality assurance, efficient material sorting for recycling and more.

Applicable with numerous raw materials

Biocompatible, inert and robust material markers - deployable in a wide range of basic materials and substances -allow mobile and automated authentication of the marked products in manufacturing, in the field, in trade and in recycling.

Because of its high physical resistance and chemical inertness, the marker technology of POLYSECURE can be used with numerous raw materials: plastics, cast metal, aluminum, colors & lacquers, chemicals, textiles, rubber & natural rubber, coatings, fuels & oils, sintered materials, cosmetics and others.

Our vision is that intelligent material markers become an integral component of original products and deliver multiple benefits.

Durability – independent from the mechanical stress on the surface

High temperature, mechanical stress – no problem for our marker technology

Due to the fact that the marker is dissolved in the bulk of the raw material and determined based on a bulk effect, mechanical stress at the surface cannot damage the marker. This is a major advantage over holograms, RFID chips or other labels on the surface of a product. Insofar our marker is able to permanently mark brake pads for instance, a product whose surface is extremely stressed both mechanically and thermally.

Proof, even after fire: Polysecure markers can be produced to a temperature stability up to at least 1.600°C, for specific applications 2.500°C are reached, and therefore be determined even after a fire when there is nothing left but ash. Imagine a fire caused by a short-circuit of a fake low-quality electric plug. In a case of product liability, the manufacturer of the original product could still prove that it had not been his plug.

Applications in the high temperature range: Due to the high thermal stability of the marker even products exposed to high temperatures can still be marked. Such products as catalysts, burners etc. are often of high value and thus a likely target of counterfeiting.

Flexibility – The Polysecure marker does not modify surfaces

Because our markers are dissolved in the bulk of a material, they do not modify the surface at all. Therefore there is no constraint from surface modification to the usability of the marked product. Just think of turbine blades, a high value part that does not accept any modification of the surface. With a Polysecure marker turbine blades could be marked to provide that the entire turbine runs only if original turbine blades are used.

Small spot sufficient for the readout of the marker: Due to the homogenous distribution of the marker, a material splinter of a few millimeters in case of an airplane crash would suffice to identify the originality of important parts of the airplane. Because of the nature of a bulk effect, it is not necessary to readout the marker a specific spot. In contrast, the measurement of the marker can be made with a mobile device at the best accessible spot.

Product identification – reproduction of a vast number range

Other than a specific pigment that is identified by its specific emission spectrum, our marker system can reproduce a vast number range of up to 280 trillion numbers. This way we can encode data far beyond the sole proof of originality, but data that contain the number of a part (quality management!), its period or manufacture etc.

Provability – Polysecure marker cannot be copied

The precise composition of any marker preparation regarding particle size and shape is a random consequence of specific parameters of the manufacture of the marker. Therefore, even we could not reproduce a given marker. New analytical methods enable the differentiation between a real and a fake marker. Thus, the originality of the marker and the product can be proven (if necessary).