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Mobile identification of originals and property

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Authenticate mobile

The solution for fast, multifunctional product protection

With technology from Polysecure, product protection becomes very simple. You want to identify originals when counterfeiting is suspected, defend unjustified product warranties or verify original materials in the production process? Are you looking for a proof of ownership that will also stand up in court? Polysecure offers everything from one source - with own markers and detectors.


BRANDPROOF® Pocket – authenticate mobile


Characteristic fluorescence particles - mobile detectable at any time

For well-known industrial customers, we have developed particularly robust, luminous fluorescent particles (Tracers) as well as the corresponding compact fluorescence detector BRANDPROOF® Pocket. Our system provides reliable information even at very low marker concentrations. The positive consequence: a truly practical and economical solution against product piracy!


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