Individual Product Identification

An innovative fingerprint for your product

POLYSECURE Design Element

Identify forgery-proof

A "Particle-Fingerprint" created by a random principle

You want to identify and track your product in the global market individually, tamper-proof, robust and throughout its entire lifetime? You are looking for a clear reference for originality, a digital twin or an unique assignment of components to an overall product, e.g. for a Digital Product Passport? With the random 3D-image of our fluorescent particles, your product receives a non-copyable fingerprint. 


Robust Individual Product Marking

Labelling over the entire Life Cycle

To give your product a unique, invisible signature, our high-contrast fluorescent particles (tracers) are mixed into e.g. plastics before processing. Be it injection molding, extrusion or 3D-printing – our robust particles are randomly distributed, stochastically in the matrix material. This creates a distinctive, three-dimensional image. It only becomes visible when excited by a special light and shines like an individual 3D starry sky. 


Fluorescent-Fingerprint without excitation (left) and under excitation (right)

Individual Product Identification

Track & Trace by Fluorescent-Fingerprint

Each random pattern is unique. Due to the strong fluorescence, it can be captured using excitation, camera and our algorithm and stored in a database. It is measurable like a fingerprint. In this way, a product can be identified correctly and securely in seconds at any stage of the product cycle – and soon, all you need is a smartphone. For the first time, products can be tracekd individually and tamper-proof. 


Forgery-proof, robust, individual, reliable...

Unique Selling Points of the Particle-Fingerprints

At a glance

Fluorescent Tracers – Properties


Versatile applications

Visual insight - First applications in electronics laboratory use

A stationary detection of a particle pattern on a disc