The recycling revolution TBS
Tracer-Based-Sorting ensures order in the waste stream
POLYSECURE Design Element

Sorting This is what the Circular Economy requires

Even very small quantities of markers are sufficient to sort the chaotic flow of packaging waste into suitable material types and plastic specifications. This is the basis for well sorted & specified recyclates and a significant increase in recycling rates. We are thus opening a new chapter in recycling and thus in climate protection.

Sorting what could not be sorted before

By our fluorescent particles materials can be sorted which otherwise are too similar for differentiation. A typical example are fiber-reinforced plastics, which are to be separated from the same plastic without fiber. Here it is sufficient to mix our special fluorescent particles in low concentration into one or more fractions to be differentiated. The shredded flakes are passed through a laser excitation curtain in our specially developed TBS flake sorting machine. The marked flakes fluoresce and can thus be detected by special cameras and blown out of the particle stream by a fast valve bar.

Reliably sorting the vast variety of packages in the waste stream

The world of packaging is infinitely diverse - in shape, color and material. In the waste stream, they are dirty, dusty, deformed and, above all, completely chaotic. To turn them back into high-quality recyclates, the packaging must be sorted absolutely reliably according to material specification and color. The best way to do this is to turn a shampoo bottle back into a shampoo bottle and not a drinking bottle. A Herculean task. Or quite simply a case for Polysecure. Because our Tracer-Based-Sorting exactly solves this sorting challenge and thus makes a huge contribution to achieve a circular economy. TBS is the sustainable solution to the global plastic litter problem.

The BMBF project "MaReK"

Development of a marker-based sorting and recycling system for plastic packaging.

In the MaReK project, our Tracer-Based-Sorting process for the sorting of plastic packaging is being further developed and scientifically investigated - from packaging development to sorting technology and high-quality material recycling.

The project consortium includes Polysecure and many highly competent partners:

Associated project partner

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the BMBF funding priority "Plastics in the Environment" within the lead initiative "Green Economy", Framework Program "Research for Sustainable Development - (FONA³)".
The project is supervised by the PTJ Jülich (Project Management Agency Resources and Sustainability).

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