Multifunctional product protection
Reliably detection of originals, batches and products
POLYSECURE Design Element

Identify Everything from one source

With technology from Polysecure, product and plagiarism protection becomes a secure bank. Mobile detection of originals, back tracking of batches, control of raw materials, counterfeit-proof track & trace of individual products - Polysecure offers everything from one source.

Characteristic fluorescence particles - mobile measurement at any time

We have developed particularly robust, luminous fluorescent particles for well-known industrial customers. And we also designed the matching compact fluorescence detector so that we can measure the marked particles precisely. Our system provides reliable information even when only very low marker concentrations are mixed into materials or applied onto products. The positive consequence: a really practical and economical solution against the omnipresent product pirates!

High-contrast fluorescent particles - like a fingerprint

If our fluorescent particles are mixed e.g. in plastics and processed in products in the next step, the three-dimensional position of the robust particles in the matrix material is determined stochastically. Due to the strong upconversion fluorescence this random pattern is visible and measurable like a fingerprint. It can be perfectly identified at every stage of the product cycle. And in the near future, all you need is a smartphone.

Polymer taggants: minimum concentrations - reliable measurement result

Breakthrough in science: Jean-Francois Lutz and his team at the Institute Charles Sadron have succeeded in synthesizing oligomers from defined, different monomers with great precision and efficiency. These "Poltags" are more robust than plant DNA, for example, and can be mixed very easily into plastics: quantities in the ppb range can already be measured with mass spectroscopy. There are many applications for this: a product can be traced back to its authentic batch. Or the recycling content in an end product can be monitored. Stretching and the use of incorrect materials can also be detected.

Institut Charles Sadron, CNRS Strassbourg