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The Product Authentication

Lifelong product marking & conclusive authentication

Technical counterfeit protection & sustainable product markers & product authentication

Technical trademark and counterfeit protection for brand products, through a permanent product identification.

POLYSECURE a technology company for comprehensive technical protection against plagiarism and a permanent product authentication, with sustainable product marker and security solutions against piracy. It's a technical brand protection for original brand products. With a whole kit of "anti counterfeiting technologies". The material markers permit at the end of the product life cycle, the sorting and recycling of the materials.

Tamper-proof audit originality and a conclusive authentication, is important. Whether the primary goal is geared to regain sales and defend intellectual property rights or avoid unjustified warranty claims and liability claims. More about the application possibilities and technical protection against plagiarism.

Important to cover a multitude of applications, our markers are inert, biocompatible, temperature stable and tunable in size and density. Thus they either can be mixed and homogenized into most materials: plastics, ceramics, rubber, paper, paint, ink, coatings, chemicals, textiles, liquids etc. Or, for metal products, they are dissolved in temperature stable cements and injected into specifically drilled holes.

Our vision is that intelligent material markers become a regular component of original products and deliver multiple benefits. Thus, the robust POLYSECURE material markers - suitable for a variety of materials - enable a mobile and automated authentication of the marked products and materials in production, in the field, in trading and recycling.

In addition, the marker particles, for example, ensure that certain components are incorporated in a machine. Offshore productions can be better controlled with the help of markers. Recycling: With the markers materials can be sorted at the end of the product life cycle. These are just a few examples.

We offer in cooperation with you, our customers, solutions which are oriented to specific projects and requirements. Individually, efficient and innovative. This is what we mean by a kit of "anti counterfeiting technologies" - always offering individual solutions.
Contact us, we look forward to challenging projects with you.


"Check products mobile and so buy original, safe and healthy goods."


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POLYSECURE introduces his sustainable technology, its products and solutions for marking, authentication, sorting and recycling at various trade shows and events. An overview can be found here.