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Our strategy always develops from an interesting mix of listening, strategic thinking and visionary technology. This is how our journey began ten years ago, when we were looking for a technology to mark materials and thus products directly and robustly. In this way, original manufacturers could at least protect themselves against unjustified warranty claims arising from plagiarism. Today, we have achieved this goal, mainly through the joint development and optimization of new fluorescent materials and a new optical detection platform. The value of this approach: a high quality, cost-efficient and reliable technology. Our product protection technology is now the ideal solution for many original manufacturers.

Technology platform

A second application of fluorescent markers is the sorting of materials. The first concrete task was the separation of fibrous and non-fibrous PVC in window profile recycling. Our focus on this challenge has resulted in a disrupt industry solution: we have developed the world's first TBS flake sorting machine and developed and hand-in-hand with our customer we have also industrially validated the marking process. Since then many 10,000 tons of PVC have been marked with our fluorescent marker. Here, too, our technological vision has proven to be the right way forward: Tracer-Based-Sorting achieves highest quality and efficiency. Tracer-Based-Sorting (TBS) was born. And especially for plastics and packaging, the circular economy to come needs a sorting technology that reliably and efficiently performs complete sorting according to definable fractions. TBS can do this. And with the development of TBS, we have also significantly expanded our technology platform and our patent portfolio.

Research Partnerships

At the research level, we cooperate closely with the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) and the ICS (Institut Charles Sadron). The KIT provides new material syntheses and new methods for the detection of optical markers. The ICS has created a scientific breakthrough in sequence-defined polymers based on which the Polymer Taggant technology (Poltag) was derived. We are continuously expanding our cooperation with research institutes so that we are always up to date with the latest research and can continuously optimize our existing technology.

Value chain

With our modern laboratory infrastructure, we continue to develop our marker materials together with our research partners. We are currently active in the production of marker materials on a ton scale. On a routine basis we also mix our marker particles into suitable masterbatches according to customer requirements. For this purpose we use the appropriate mixing technologies. In addition, we have a plastics laboratory and application lab, which we often use for feasibility studies. We also develop our optical detectors and the TBS sorting technology ourselves. We outsource series production to renowned manufacturing companies.


We are an interdisciplinary team: physicists, chemists, material scientists, mineralogists, engineers, technicians, laboratory assistants and business people. We often work together in projects - with different project responsibilities. Many of us also have their own research projects, so that enormous synergies are created at Polysecure.


Good prospects for you!
We are looking for motivated team players who are passionate about what they do: Together we want to further develop our marker technologies and bring sustainable innovations into practice. Welcome to the team.

We are currently (m/f/d) looking for Your tasks Application / Questions to
Engineer, physicist in the field of electrical engineering / industrial automation / automation technology further development of our marker-based sorting technology (tracer-based sorting):
  • Independent processing of development projects
  • Independent planning and, if necessary, production of components and systems up to delivery readiness
  • Development of secure software solutions with database connection
Mr Jochen Moesslein,
Phone: +49 761 5579785 60,
Chemical lab technician / chemical production worker Reinforcement of our production team in the field of marker production:
  • Monitoring and control of high temperature production syntheses
  • Filling and filling of chemicals
  • Execution of all tasks in connection with the technical cleaning process
  • Execution of maintenance and servicing work
  • Execution of the work steps according to defined work, operating and safety instructions Incoming goods inspections
Dr. Dirk Wacker,
Phone +49 761 5579785-24,

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