Mark and detect the difference

Innovative solutions to better sort, track and protect materials and products

With our unique technology platform of marker materials and detection processes, materials and products can be invisibly marked, robustly authenticated and tracked in a forgery-proof manner. In addition, we have developed the sorting technologies Tracer-Based-Sorting (TBS) and SORT4CIRCLE®, with which many material and waste streams can be efficiently and reliably sorted into all desired fractions. These technological innovations enable resources and values to be preserved economically in a wide range of applications - for companies and the circular economy. Science-based & thought through to the end!


Groundbreaking News

  • We can declare the conformity (EU) of our fluorescent markers in food contact plastics.
    We are super excited reaching this great and important milestone. Our fluorescent markers do comply with the food contact regulations in Europe. Thus, our fluorescent markers can be used in food contact material and on surfaces of food packaging.  Read more

POLYSECURE at a glance

Business areas in the product life cycle


Marker and Detection Technology from one Hand

The no-alternative shift towards a circular economy, global supply and process chains, new regulatory requirements and, at the same time, very different product situations constantly require new solutions on the part of the markers and on the part of the detection technologies. We develop and optimize both sides and adapt the solutions to your and the markets' requirements. In doing so, we always take an interdisciplinary approach. We accompany feasibility tests and validation for series production with our technical center and pilot plants. This is how efficient solutions are developed together with you. Please contact us!


Our cooperations

Multiple Partnerships

Polysecure cooperates on various levels with renowned companies, research institutions and associations and has exclusive research partnerships as well as an excellently staffed industry advisory board in addition to funded projects. Click here.